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Tecnasia International was established in 1994 primarily  as a trade-engineering firm. The years of hard work has helped Tecnasia emerge as a leading trading and a business development and consulting firm. Besides representing many international business concerns all over the world the company enjoys its special relationship with public sector organizations in Pakistan. 

The seasoned team of professional consultants at TI is fully capable of promoting any new venture for its clients at all levels with government and the private sector in Pakistan. The company is specifically concentrating on promotion of power generation projects through renewable energy sources in Pakistan.


Corporate Profile

Tecnasia International is one of the leading trading and consulting firms of Pakistan, offering range of services to many foreign and domestic organizations. The company initiated business in the year 1991, mainly as an outcome of various seasoned professionals from the fields of engineering and commerce joining together their expertise and experiences to form a business entity: that will explore the latest international technological developments in the fields of defense and its allied industries. The other task we took over was to serve as a business platform that will facilitate the introduction of newer technologies and products into our local market. 

The years of unflagging professional efforts and dedication has backed Tecnasia International to emerge as prominent name as a trade and engineering firm, that today enjoys proprietary rights for supply, installation and maintenance of the equipment supplied and introduced by the company. The group currently enjoys exclusive representation rights from many internationally reputed engineering and manufacturing concerns and treasures its long list of satisfied customers and trading partners. References for the same can be forwarded on request. 

The company also acts as a consultant to different organizations/businesses in the fields of planning, market research, economic and financial analysis, project management, business development and marketing. The team of qualified consultants at Tecnasia International has successfully completed various public and private sector projects in varied sectors of commerce and industry. The company specially values its distinct relations and professional standing with the various government organizations in Pakistan and abroad.


 Profiles of Tecnasia International Key Executives:

                   Mr. Khalid Rehman(Managing Partner)


Mr. Khalid Rehman completed his bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of the Punjab in 1987. As a young student, Mr. Rehman was helping his father with the family business of Distribution and retail outlets for Electronics and Home Appliances since 1981. In the later years still at very young age, Mr. Rehman initiated organizational sales to various public sector organizations with the formation of an independent firm along with the existing business establishment by the name of Khalid Electronics. The company not only specialized in the field of Electronic Items but expanded its range to specialized defense related equipment and supplies.

The demand led expansion in the range of supplies provided by Khalid Electronics especially to the defense sector lead Mr. Rehman to explore a wider market. Mr. Rehman quickly responded to this learning opportunity and expanded his horizon of business to international markets. As a young business entrepreneur Mr. Rehman had the opportunity to work and learn from the leading business concerns from diverse business cultures.

In 2001 Mr. Rehman also set off to Hotel business by constructing a City View Hotel, located at the heart of downtown Rawalpindi city. The Hotel is working under an independent management team under the supervision of TecnasiaInternational Partners.

In 1993, Mr. Khalid Rehman joined hands with Dr. InamUlHaq in forming TecnasiaInternational. As a partner of the firm he assumed the office of Chief Executive of the company.

As a pioneering Partner Mr. Rehman has been the one of key responsible person behind the business ventures of TecnasiaInternational. The years of experience in the field has earned him capabilities of project evaluation and process designing. His broad business experience has helped TecnasiaInternational a great deal by providing adaptive business approach to its customers by acting as a bridge between varied business cultures.

He was also an Executive Director for Finansia International; another sister business concern of TecnasiaInternational. FinansiaInternational commenced its business in 1995 as associate partners with J. Rothschild of UK. The firm worked on various public and private sector projects as financial consultants and fund manager. The company closed its operation in 1997 after the changes in the law related to foreign currency transactions.

As a key decision maker of the Firm Mr. Rehman has worked hard over the years assuming the role of a team leader, who has worked on demand generation, project promotion and business development. His experiences have provided him analytical knowledge of Government procedures related to demand establishment and procurement. The professional abilities complemented with good business and moral ethics has fetched dependable contacts and reputation to Mr. Rehman and Tecnasia International.

Mr. Rehman has represented TecnasiaInternational at many International events. His friendly and adaptive personality has earned him popularity both in the domestic and international business circles.

                    Dr. INAM UL HAQ (Managing Partner)


Coming from a family where the basic profession for generation had been Medical Practice Dr. InamUlHaq Graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in Year 1989. Initially he practiced medicine at his family clinic for a few years. However, he always had the desire to establish an independent business identity.

Having special interest in new technology development and innovation in the field of defense Dr. Haq became the founder member of TecnasiaInternational in the year 1993 as an equal stakes holder in the firm. Dr. Haq assumed the office of Managing Partner/Managing Director of the firm.

Dr. Haq has been the chief contributor in the organizational development TecnasiaInternational as firm. The years of varied experiences with the firm and continued quest for subject knowledge has been the key development factor in emerging Dr. Haq as a present day innovative Business Executive. He is the key responsible person for project assessment and evaluation for the firm along with formulation of management and project execution policies.

Over the years Dr. Haq has been a leader of the team as a business developer, Marketing Strategist and a researcher. Blessed with special ability to develop understanding of varied technologies and redefining them for both technical and non-technical audience, Dr. Haq has represented TecnasiaInternational is the main spokes person at many international and domestic events and business conferences.

He was also an Executive Director for FinansiaInternational; another sister business concern of TecnasiaInternational. FinansiaInternational commenced its business in 1995 as associate partners with J. Rothschild of UK. The firm worked on various public and private sector projects as financial consultants and fund manager. The company closed its operation in 1997 after the changes in the laws related to foreign currency accounts.

Dr. Haq has many significant projects to his credit for introduction, induction and transfer of technology related to defense. For his special knowledge and experience many organizations from the public sector invite Dr. Haq for discussions and advise in relation to new technologies. Dr. Haq is also providing project consultation to domestic and international companies like Ed Soft, USA and Union Health Care, USA.

Mr. Fahim A. Kidwai (Director Business Development)


As a student Mr. Fahim A Kidwai started contributing general articles to local Newspaper on social and issues of general interest. Later as an undergraduate student of commerce he was writing on economics and market related issues as a weekly columnist with leading Newspapers like Frontier Post and The Muslim. During the later years the writing focus got more intense on National Economy, Government Policies and Development of Capital markets in Pakistan.

After completing his master in Economics Mr. Kidwai became a regular columnist on Stock market and its related issues. His columns gained popularity due to introduction of technical analysis and market forecast. A daytime job with an advertising company and later with business page directory provided him an opportunity to study various industrial sectors at the grass root level. Later he had the chance to work with a company that had pioneered inter-bank market trading in Pakistan. He had the opportunity to understand and then provide training to new traders in the field of inter-bank currency markets. The information access here provided him a chance to study the major economies of the world along with economic decision and policy making and its effects on various world markets.

Mr. Kidwai had opportunity to work on special assignments and research projects for different ministries and the federal Government both as an independent consultant and with some very experienced government advisors and technocrats. During the period Mr. Kidwai also continued his education and completed his Master’s in Business Administration degree with double majors in Finance and marketing. To have more subject knowledge and he also studied Cost and management accounting.

During his tenure with the Government based employment and consultancy, Mr. Kidwai had the chance to work closely with economics policy making and government economic management team. Mr. Kidwai worked on assignments related to Privatization of government owned industry, worked with other consultants on methodology for Base price calculation for privatization of government based industrial units, Investment policy, performance of pre-shipment inspection companies, analysis and growth strategy to increase foreign investment, foreign investment proposals etc. The combined knowledge and experience of Finance and economics also helped him in successfully completing various assignments with Private sector business companies from the domestic and international market. Mr. Kidwai had also worked on World Bank based assignments with other senior consultants on programs like SAP (Social Action Program) for Pakistan and access employment management/downsizing of large size government corporation like OGDC, SNGPL etc.

As a director business development for TecnasiaInternational he is mainly working on creating new business option for the firm. Mr. Kidwai is also heading business and product research for the company, which has helped company in expansion of its business partners. He is responsible for initial liaison, negotiations and contact building with new companies. He is also the operational head for newly formed Renewable Energy Division of the company and is actively involved with the IT ventures of the company.



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